Opening of the congress

Hour Activity Speaker
07.30 Welcome B. Dillemans (BEL) / J. Himpens (BEL) / N. Kawahara (BRA)
07.40 Keynote lecture: How to define success and failure in bariatric surgery H. Buchwald (USA)
08.00 Weight regain: biology or behavior? Who is candidate for revision? N. Di Lorenzo (ITA)
08.10 Failure of metabolic and bariatric surgery: medical approach C. Le Roux (IRL)
08.20 Failure of metabolic and bariatric surgery: surgical approach G. Campos (USA)
08.30 A quest for Algorithms in revisional surgery: establishing the framework for the algorithm B. Dillemans (BEL) / J. Himpens (BEL)


Hour Activity Speaker
Chair: M. Suter (CHE)
Moderators: J-W. Greve (NDL), J. Valk (NDL), N. Kawahara (IND)
08.40 Clinical & radiological assessment L. Angrisani (ITA)
. Surgical options VBG
08.50 Conversion to RNY Gastric Bypass B. Dillemans (BEL)
. Surgical options band
09.00 Rebanding F. Pattou (FRA)
09.10 Conversion to RNY Gastric Bypass A. Ramos (BRA)
09.20 Conversion to Omega Loop Bypass J-M. Chevallier (FRA)
09.30 Conversion to Sleeve D. Nocca (FRA)
09.40 Leaving the Band in place J-W. Greve (NLD)
09.50 One or two steps? M. Suter (CHE)
10.00 Tips & Tricks & Booby traps K. Higa (USA)
10.10 Wrapping up and voting M. Suter (CHE)
10.20 – 10.40 BREAK

Live transmission from OR AZ Sint-Jan 3 revisional cases

Hour Activity Speaker

Chair: G. Campos (USA)
Moderators: R. Ribeiro (PRT), S. Weiner (DEU), P. Omelanczuk (ARG)
10.40 – 12:00 Failed band: Conversion to Sleeve Gastrectomy M. Gagner (CAN)
. Failed VBG with Nissen fundoplication: Conversion to RNY Gastric Bypass B. Dillemans (BEL)
. Failed RNY Gastric Bypass: Endoluminal Revision/APC S. Perretta (FRA)
12.00 – 13.00 LUNCH


Hour Activity Speaker
Chair: J. Himpens (BEL)
Moderators: J. Closset (BEL), C. Copaescu (ROU), C.F. Chaux (BRA)
13.00 Clinical & radiological assessment S. Weiner (DEU)
. Surgical options
13.10 Re-Sleeve M. Gagner (CAN)
13.20 Banding the Sleeve M. Bhandari (IND)
13.30 SADI-s A. Torres (ESP)
13.40 DS J. Himpens (BEL)
13.50 RNY Gastric Bypass P. Omelanczuk (BRA)
14.00 Omega Loop Bypass/ SASI K. Mahawar (GBR)
14.10 Bipartition S. Santoro (BRA)
14.20 Tips & Tricks & Booby traps C. Copaescu (ROU)
14.30 Wrapping up and voting J. Himpens (BEL)
14.40 –15.00 BREAK

Live transmission from OR AZ Sint-Jan 3 revisional cases

Hour Activity Speaker
15.00 - 16.30
Chair: S. Shikora (USA)
Moderators: N. Di Lorenzo (ITA), P. Hauters (BEL), R. Baratieri (BRA)
. Failed Sleeve: Conversion to Omega Loop Gastric Bypass G. Prager (AUT)
. Failed Sleeve: Conversion to SADI A. Celik (TUR)
. Failed Sleeve: Conversion to RNY Gastric Bypass S. Shah (IND)


Hour Activity Speaker
A/Type 2 Diabetes evolution after bariatric procedures
Chair: C. Le Roux (IRE)
Moderators: G. Prager (AUT), M. Lannoo (BEL), A. De Paula (BRA)
16.30 Keynote lecture: Why does diabetes re-occur after a bariatric procedure? C. Le Roux (IRL)
16.40 Intestinal glucose absorption in bariatric surgery F. Pattou (FRA)
16.50 Bile acid physiology as driver for sustained metabolic improvement after bariatric surgery G. Campos (USA)
17.00 Scoring Systems in Diabetes - Diabetes severity & remission scores S. Ugale (IND)
17.10 Why do we talk about diabetes remission and not cure? M. Lannoo (BEL)
B/Reflux and Barrett after bariatric procedures
Chair: M. Gagner (CAN)
Moderators: H. Buchwald (USA), A. Ramos (BRA), L. Angrisani (ITA)
17.30 Do we have to worry? A. Genco (ITA)
17.40 Prevention of reflux/Barrett? D. Nocca (FRA)
17.50 Must we close the crura? L. Angrisani (ITA)
18.00 Surgical treatment options N. Kawahara (BRA)
18.10 DEBATE: Is Barrett esophagitis the death-blow for Sleeve Gastrectomy?
Chair: K. Higa (USA)
Panelists: A. Genco (ITA), L. Angrisani (ITA), M. Gagner (CAN), G. Prager (AUT), M. Suter (CHE), H. Buchwald (USA)
18.30 A quest for an algorithm: the sketch of a framework after day 1 B. Dillemans (BEL) / J. Himpens (BEL) / K. Mahawar (GBR)


Hour Activity Speaker
08.30 Why BARIAlink? B. Dillemans (BEL) / P. Tempelaere (BEL)


Hour Activity Speaker
08.40 - 10.10 Chair: A. Neimark (RUS)
Moderators: F. Akin (TUR), M. Sarhan (EGY), MJ. Legrand (BEL), R. de Souza (BRA), A. Zaid (UAE)
Going back after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass A. Goussens (BEL), B. Navez (BEL)
GE junction leak post redo-sleeve gastrectomy M. Ferial (UAE), A. Zaid (UAE)
Morbidly obese after a Billroth II procedure I. Debergh (BEL)
Intractable anemia post RYGB R. Ribeiro (PRT)
Bariatric surgery in cirrhotic liver with portal hypertension J. Colpaert (BEL), J. Horevoets (BEL), B. Dillemans (BEL)
Stapleless sleeve gastrectomy - a feasible option? R. Shah (IND), S. Shah (IND)
10.10 - 10.30 BREAK


Hour Activity Speaker
12.00 - 13.00 LUNCH


Hour Activity Speaker
13.00 - 14.40 Chair: B. Khatsiev (RUS)
Moderators: M. Solovyeva (RUS), R. Vilallonga (ESP), E. Van Vyve (BEL), M. Loureiro (BRA), T. Khewater (PAK)
Intrathoracic pouch-migration and bile reflux after omega loop gastric bypass D. Van Der Fraenen (BEL)
Unusual case of an upper GI bleeding after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass M. Solovyeva (RUS)
Laparoscopic conversion of Omega loop gastric bypass to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass B. Gys (BEL), T. Lafullarde (BEL)
Challenges in the management of the heaviest Egyptian bariatric patient M. Sarhan (EGY)
A personal technique of gastric bypass after previous Nissen fundoplication J-P. Goreux (BEL), AC. Dandrifosse (BEL)
Laparoscopic conversion of open Scopinaro to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass M. Ruyssers (BEL), T. Lafullarde (BEL)
A kink in the cable S. De Sutter (BEL)
14.40 - 15.00 BREAK


Hour Activity Speaker
16.30 End of parallel session


Hour Activity Speaker
Chair: B. Dillemans (BEL)
Moderators: G. Campos (USA), S. Shah (IND), M. Aceves (MEX)
08.20 Clinical & radiological assessment D. Van Der Fraenen (BEL)
. Surgical options: resizing pouch/stoma
08.30 Endoluminal C. Stier (DEU)
08.40 Laparoscopic S. Shah (IND)
. Surgical options: band placement
08.50 Adjustable B. Dillemans (BEL)
09.00 Non-adjustable E. Hazebroek (NED)
09.10 Distalization of the bypass B. Navez (BEL)
09.20 Conversion to Sleeve/DS/SADI K. Mannur (GBR)
09.30 Tips & Tricks & Booby traps K. Higa (USA)
09.40 Wrapping up and voting B. Dillemans (BEL)
09.50 – 10.00 BREAK

Live transmission from OR AZ Sint-Jan 3 revisional cases

Hour Activity Speaker
10.00 – 11.30
Chair: S. Shah (IND)
Moderators: C. Copaescu (ROU), J-W. Greve (NDL), G. Alvarez (BRA)
. Failed BPD (Scopinaro): Gastro-jejunal sleeve / redo gastro-entero A. Ramos (BRA)
. Failed band: Conversion to long limb RNY Gastric Bypass with Da Vinci Robot C. Vaz (PRT)
. Failed RNY Gastric Bypass: Revision of a gastro-gastric fistula J. Himpens (BEL)

5. FAILED Other primary procedures

Hour Activity Speaker
Chair: L. Lemmens (BEL)
A. Celik (TUR), K. Gawdat (EGY), A. Koyaishi (BRA)
11.30 Nutritional complicatons L. El Kadre (BRA)
. Surgical options after failed OAGB / Mini Bypass
11.40 Update on the Omega loop gastric bypass A. Subhi (ISR)
11.50 Reflux J-M. Chevallier (FRA)
12.00 Excessive weight loss N. Sakran (ISR)
12.10 Surgical options after failed BPD/DS Y. Yashkov (RUS)
12.20 Surgical options after failed SADI M. Bhandari (IND)
12.30 Wrapping up and voting L. Lemmens (BEL)
12.40 - 13.30 LUNCH

Live transmission from OR AZ Sint-Jan 3 revisional cases

Hour Activity Speaker
Chair: K. Gawdat (EGY)
Moderators: L. C. Bremm (BRA), P. Noel (FRA), J. Saey (BEL)
. Failed RNY Gastric Bypass: Distalisation type Sugerman K. Higa (USA)
. Failed RNY Gastric Bypass: Pouchresizing with band / redo gastro-entero with Da Vinci robot M. Bhandari (IND)
. Failed band: Conversion to RNY Gastric Bypass T. Lafullarde (BEL)
14.50 - 15.10 BREAK


Hour Activity Speaker
Chair: S. Shikora (USA)
Moderators: P. Noel (FRA), J. Teixeira (USA), A. Neimark (RUS)
15.10 Keynote lecture: Novel approaches and procedures: where are we heading? J. Teixeira (USA)
15.30 Staple line reinforcement in redosurgery S. Shikora (USA)
15.40 Fluorescence guided imaging in redosurgery K. Higa (USA)
. Novel approaches
15.50 Endoscopic revisional procedures S. Heyman (BEL)
16.00 Critical review R. Vilallonga (ESP)
16.10 Technical aspects C. Vaz (PRT)
16.20 Critical review S. Shikora (USA)
. Novel procedures
16.30 Ileal transposition A. de Paula (BRA)
16.40 Transit bipartition S. Santoro (BRA)
16.50 SASI T. Mahdy (EGY)
17.00 Jejuno-ileal bypass E. Taskin (TUR)
17.10 Gastric Clip P. Noel (FRA)
17.20 N-sleeve D. Nocca (FRA)
17.30 Magenstrasse B. Majerus (BEL)
17.40 SADI-S A Torres (ESP)
17.50 Diverted OAGB/minibypass R. Ribeiro (PRT)
18.00 Aspire-assist M. Gagner (CAN)
18.10 Wrapping up and voting S. Shikora (USA)

Hour Activity Speaker
18.20 A quest for an algorithm: the final framework B. Dillemans (BEL) / J. Himpens (BEL) / K. Mahawar (GBR)
18.30 Highlights of the meeting & adjourn B. Dillemans (BEL) / J. Himpens (BEL) / N. Kawahara (IND)